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Monday, 16 May 2011

Makeup 101: Eyeliner - top and bottom lashline

Hello! This will be a new series featuring on my blog amogst tutorials.  Basically it is a mini-series showing how to do basic makeup techniques e.g. blush application to help those who struggle or fear they are not doing it right.

*If you have a request for me to do anything in this series e-mail me at

This look is perfect for a night out paired with a dramatic smokey eye.  It is best for people with larger eyelids who are wanting to make them appear slightly smaller.

To start off, line the upper lashline with a black eyeliner, making a medium sized wing at the outer corner and extending the line in the inner corner ever so slightly.

Using the same black eyeliner, start to line the lower lashline, connecting the outer corner to the outer wing. Don't go all the way into the inner corner yet.

To join the inner corners together, take the tip of the inner corner on the upper lash, extend it further then join it to the lower lashline creating a triangle. Fill in the triangle with your eyeliner and voila!

Hope this helped people who were wondering how to do this but were struggling.  The only way you wil get this right is by taking your time and you will get better with practice :)

Products Used

Maybelline 24 Hour gel eyeliner
Elf Studio Angled Eyeliner brush


  1. thanks for that will try it soon

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